Mexico and Central America
It was hard choosing some representative pictures of our trip. I tried to pick those that had some artistic or aesthetic value. That means there's none of my ugly mug, and some countries have been under-represented. Sigh. Perfection is such an ideal. Enjoy.
You know the drill: Click on the image to see a larger version, hover over the pic for more info...
I became fascinated with the "Mary Cult" in Mexico and have numerous pictures of Mary shrines, this is the only one I posted, much to your relief I'm sure...
We ate Huevos Rancheros at a food stand in this square and Angela cooled her feet off in the fountain, much to the amusement of some passer-bys
A fountain square in Veracruz, Mexico with a shout-out to Korea, note the Tae-Kwon-Do school on the right, and the "village bell"
The chocolate is very unrefined and not as creamy as European chocolate, I'm not sure if I liked it that much.
The Virgin Mary...This particular shrine in Oaxaca blesses an upscale restaurant.
The light was just fading as the twilight set in on the square.
Making chocolate right before your greedy eyes on Oaxaca city's "chocolate street".
Angela wasn't all that interested in the Zapotecs, but she put on a smile anyway.
The Zocolo or Main Square is a tranquil place for a quiet and atmospheric dinner in Oaxaca. Here a cathedral graces it's Northern flank.
The desert here was amazing, there was a violent thunderstorm in the afternoon, the first they'd had all year...
Monte Alban, the mysterious city of the lost Zapotec empire.
We took a hike down there, it was way cool!!!
In the desert well outside of Oaxaca, the subject of this picture is the tall and graceful cactus flower.
We took a swim in here, it was way cooler!!!
A calcified mineral "waterfall", sculpted by the incessant flow of mineral water over porous rock.
A pool collects the refreshing mineral water, a welcome sight in this arid region. A lone tree guards the precipice.