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Added February 1st, 2004
I took this in a rice paddy on the outskirts of Guemchon.
I took this at Gyeongbukgung palace on a minus 20 degree day.
This was supposed to be a forced artistic composition more than a lame self-portrait, expressing the solitude of living in the middle of reality it's not that bad..
I think I have more than one Gyeongbukgung picture on this site, but I think it's more majestic in the winter.
From left to right we have Grace, Maria, Angela, Angelica and Monika in the middle of the 'bowing sequence'
Rebecca and Emily looking very cute!
The traditional Korean Hanbok, worn on special occasions, like this one, the lunar new year. Here the children are learning the correct posture for bowing to their parents.
This is a sweet picture, normally the kids are stolidly stone-faced when they get their pictures taken...
Kelly-teacher and Grace, Maria and Angela, the little four year old girls.
Taken at the Buddhist temple on Gamaksan (Mt. Gamak) on a snowy, sunny day. in this shot for example, although here these girls are looking quite beautiful.
A view from the temple, facing the sun in the West, overlooking the Gamaksan range.
A Buddhist temple nestled away in the crags of a mountain, here the white snow and white marble encapsulate pristine beauty.
A dragon adornment on the main shrine at the Gamaksan temple.
South Korea's topography is 70 percent mountainous terrain which makes for some marvelous hiking opportunities. This mountain, Gamaksan, is relatively close to where I live in Paju.
Although the dragon is culturally more Chinese than Korean, it can be found associated with Buddhist symbology like here at the Gamaksan temple..
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