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Added on December 1st, 2003
These pictures were taken with my new Canon Powershot A70 digital camera. They have been reduced to 35% of their original size for viewing convenience. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image. 
Classic product placement shot. Mmmmm...Burger King Big
Marong! These boys will sieze at any opportunity to goof off. I would too if I were six.
The Green class. From Left to right - Johnny, Andrew and Henry. This is their morning writing class.
My good South African friends Brian and Maike who live up the street from me in Guemchon.
They had to trace their hands to make the turkey body but their hands were too small so they turned out to be rather scrawny turkies!!! Emily's 'wattle' became a bulbous beak and the feet begin somewhere where the wings should be. Cute!
Let's make a turkey and an Indian headband! Emily proudly displays her scrawny turkey with major defects.
The infamous Kitten class. From the bottom - Thomas, Emily, Rebecca, Jacob, Jonathan, Timothy, Monica, William, Patrick and Arnold's out of the picture. Thanksgiving day activities.
Jenny is quite the comedian, although she can be moody. She's a real sweetie though!
Henry has dreams about his Dad whooping my ass Kung-Fun style.
I think Henry was about to poke me in the eye with his pencil.
This is Jenny from "Smile 1". She's a smart little eight year old with a wicked sense of humour.
In retrospect I should have taught "I like carrots, they are delicious" But hey, I was just following orders! C'est moi in a self timer shot, surrounded my teaching paraphenalia, more facetiously known as 'terror aversion tactics'
Antoine-teacher in our rather cramped office.
"I like carrots, they are orange". My art class got cancelled. Sniff.
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